MCBA Model State Legalization Bill

We believe that, at its core, cannabis is a medicinal plant that heals. We also believe that the cannabis industry has an obligation to play a leading role in healing the communities devastated by cannabis prohibition. Our bill recognizes the scope of impact of the war on drugs and creates a pathway for economic empowerment and community reinvestment equal in scope to the impact felt. It outlines a framework for regulating the cannabis industry and lists clear guidelines and the institutional participation needed to ensure cannabis revenue reaches those who need it most.

Killer Mike Talks Cannabis Decriminalization in UNCODE Series

“We need to become less conservative in what we follow and allow people to truly be free with their own bodies,” says Rapper and Activist Michael “Killer Mike” Render as he discusses cannabis in a new episode of UNCODE entitled “GREAT SMOKE.” The episode focuses on African Americans in the cannabis industry, as well as health benefits, and ideas of stereotypical criminalizing.