As Cresco Labs’ Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Community Integration, Barrington Rutherford’s work on real estate and community integration has allowed the company to grow operations from one state to 12. Under Mr. Rutherford, his real estate team has successfully negotiated numerous real estate transactions that’s led to prime locations for the company’s cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary locations, ultimately generating an annual revenue of over $43 million (2018). In a highly regulated industry where each state’s cannabis program has a different and precise requirement for operation, Mr. Rutherford ensures that all the company’s locations are compliant with local and state regulations. Mr. Rutherford’s work has been a critical component to Cresco Labs’ growth strategy to be one of the largest vertically integrated US-based cannabis companies.

In addition to overseeing the company’s real estate strategy, Mr. Rutherford oversees Cresco Labs social justice initiatives. Under his leadership, the SEED (social, equity, educational development) program ensures that all communities have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and/or own a business in the cannabis industry. Mr. Rutherford’s community-first strategy has his team focusing on three main areas: social equity, workforce development and education, and a community incubator program. Through Mr. Rutherford’s leadership, the SEED program is helping provide opportunities for individuals in communities most negatively impacted by the excessive enforcement of cannabis during the war on drugs.

Mr. Rutherford is proud to have served on the Board of Directors of several community organizations in and around the Chicago area; and was the founding Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Amandla Charter School in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s southside. In 2019, Mr. Rutherford was elected to the Board of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, and is looking forward to working to improve access to opportunities for the people and communities most harmed by the War on Drugs.