MCBA Think BIG Webinar June 18 2020


The war on cannabis has destroyed way too many lives.

Think Big is a company that believes in the healing power of cannabis, and acknowledges the responsibility to fight for change. We can no longer stand idly by while our people struggle in the face of unjust marijuana laws and environmental policies that disproportionately target people of color.

Join us for a lively discussion on Social justice and how it relates to the cannabis advocacy movement.

We’ll talk about:
1) Cannabis Policy
2) Cannabis Culture
3) Cannabis Activism

You’ll hear about a plethora of examples of how YOU can be involved in your communities in ways that change the systems that have been holding down People of Color for far too long.

We have a special guest related to one of the greatest orators emerging from the hip-hop community whose tales gave a poetic energy to ghetto life in Brooklyn, New York and eventually the entire world.

MCBA-Think-BIG-Webinar-June-18-2020 from Minority Cannabis on Vimeo.